After receiving his degree from the University of Cagliari in 2006, Mauro Soddu specialised in Interior Design at SPD in Milan, the city where he worked with the 5+1AA and Parisotto&Formenton studios. In 2012, he established Tramas in Cagliari with Gabriele Aramu and Andrea Montaldo. Tramas is a multi-disciplinary studio that experiments in the architectural sector (primarily residential and commercial) of design and the web, putting the client in the centre of its research. The client is the father and the architect is the mother; the design is born and lives in its habitat, the child of its time. Since 2012, Soddu has assisted in the Faculty of Architecture at Cagliari and since 2014 he has taught Planning Drawing at IED in Cagliari, as part of the Interior Design programme. photos: