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We understand personalities. We grant desires for living.

Filippo Coltro

Architect and interior designer based in Padua, Filippo Coltro is specialized in furnishing and interior design. His profession b...

Laura Molendini

After graduating from the Politecnico di Milano in 2003, Molendini continued her professional training in architecture offices sus...

Daniela Pastore

LAC Laboratorio Architettura Contemporanea - Technical Director Daniela Pastore_Architect, Ph.D. LAC for creating and designin...

Zhanna Milovidova

Architect and designer Milovidova Zhanna has been working on projects since 2005, including various country houses, a hotel comple...

Matteo Berzioli

Mat_eria Architettura & Design is based in Vimercate, a small city just outside Milan.

Passion ...

Kia Designs

Whether you have just purchased a property and wish to maximise its potential or whether you wish to upgrade your existing propert...

Mauro Soddu

After receiving his degree from the University of Cagliari in 2006, Mauro Soddu specialised in Interior Design at SPD in Milan, th...

Carlo Cretella

The firm, which opened in Verona in 2006, focuses on architecture, interior design and design, both for residential and commercial...

Pierre Bourgois

L’architecture est un dialogue entre le désir de l’œil et la réponse à une attente physique, dont l’occupant en est l’...

Cristiana Vannini

After earning her degree in Florence, Cristiana Vannini moved to Milan in 1991, as the manager of the Gruppo Targetti Centro di Li...

Olga Khovanskaya

I was born in 1986 and graduated from the University of Architecture in Moscow. After spending some time working in the building i...

Barbara Vannucchi

With a degree in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, Barbara had her first job experience in Milan. Her training in France...

Angelica Longo

ARCHSTUDIOLONGO was born in 1970. Arch. Danila Longo joined the founder of the study , Arch. Enzo Longo, in 1999 and in 2004 ...

Emanuele Franco

IDEaA Interior Design and Architecture is located in Venaria Reale, the city of the Reggia, a short walk from Turin. The IDEeA...

Nicolò Nigri

When I start an interior design project, I aim to create a space in which every element of it, whether wall, door, window... or wa...

  • A well designed space can improve the life of human, can reduce divorces, can make children grow in a playful and cheerful manner, can rethink the way of working in the office... This is the challenge!


Our re-interpretations

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Why To Join

We will investigate the interior. We will re design the way of living the spaces.

Are you an architect? An interior designer? Bring your projects to the LAGO network and increase your visibility and opportunities! We have developed a major project for you: LAGO for Architects. Through this network, you can become part of a team of independent professionals, trained and coached to design and plan using the varied alphabet of the LAGO design system. You also get visibility for your projects through the initiative’s dedicated website and all of our communications channels. Each architect can create contacts between various players and become the designer for flats, B&Bs and offices. Such architects are active locally, know how to best use LAGO products and are in tune with local retail locations, designing the new INTERIOR LIFE spaces and participating in new business opportunities. This community is nourished by cultural content and all projects are given visibility on the site.
  • Architecture is an outer reach art. Only if we accept the challenge of contamination, it makes sense. Otherwise it is an armchair thing.
  • Non si può pensare un'architettura senza pensare alla gente. Richard Rogers


Conversations about design, interior, architecture.

Conference "Architecture from the inside" - Lagostore Vicenza
Franco Purini, Flavio Albanere, Guido Cabrini e Daniele Lago talks about interior and new ways of home living.

Interview to Marco Rainò
Marco Rainò explain his vision of Lago: a company capable of producing content and alphabets, innovating continuously thanks to its creative hub Lagostudio.

“Real Estate Conversation” - Appartamento LAGO Milano Brera
Claudio de Albertis speaks about the changing in the design world: he speaks of the change taking place in the design world: the fall of the existing paradigms, the desire of people to get rid of things, the new figure of the craftsman-designer.


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